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As networks become more mission-critical, your organization needs to shield itself from data loss and network failure. Occasional problems are inevitable, so you need to be prepared to immediately restore your systems. K Comm's diverse staff of resources and our broad coverage, we are able to respond quickly to problems occurring across a variety of platforms in almost any location throughout the world. We can help you optimize the performance and availability of your IT networks, information systems and applications, providing the foundation for mission-critical network operations.


 It is a fact, things break and when they do K Comm is there to immediately assist with on-site troubleshooting and repair. One of K Comm's marquis service packages, NetMedX (On-Site "Break-Fix") has gained national notoriety for being one of the most reliable and fastest break-fix services in North America. The service was built on speed so when you have an outage or problem that you cannot solve remotely, K Comm's makes it simple to dispatch qualified field personnel to arrive on-site in as little as two hours.


K Comm's Network Operations Center can monitor, report, and respond to network crises when they arise. These functions are accomplished through the use of various industry standard management programs. Our professional team of certified Network Management engineers will ensure that your network receives the mission-critical attention that it deserves.With multi-vendor support, all network nodes can be discovered, managed and optimized with web-based bandwidth utilization monitoring tools. 


K Comm's engineering staff has a range of bench repair expertise that can be applied to make simple to moderately complicated repairs on equipment that goes on "deadline" and is returned from the field. Minor repairs like replacement of modular digital signage, media player, printer, PC device components (hard drives, WAN modules, memory, re-imaging software, etc) are routine for the K Comm team and can be conducted as part of a comprehensive infrastructure support program or for isolated instances. This service is especially useful for equipment that may be outside of the manufacturer's warranty or if the manufacturer's turnaround is extended. K Comm can procure refurbished or new component parts or end items to speed the repair process. Extending and maximizing the life of your IT assets can be an ideal way to defer the cost of future upgrades and provide for improved business continuity. 

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