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Voice Systems


Making the correct choice of a partner is crucial for a long term relationship. As a K Comm customer, rest assured that with our partnerships, K Comm will manage "all" of your telecommunications needs.


K Comm provides a "total systems solution" that encompasses procurement, installation, user/admin training and maintenance.

Today, our professional staff provides customers with a sophisticated, single source approach to resolving their communication requirements.
Thousands of customers in education, finance, government and a host of other businesses rely upon K Comm for the answers to their communication questions.
K Comm’s product lines include:
  • VOIP (Voice Over IP) Systems
  • Unified Communications & Voice Mail Systems
  • Speech Recognition & IVR Systems
  • Computer-Telephone Integration Applications
  • Call Center Solutions
  • Call Center Reporting 
  • Call Accounting Systems
  • Paging & Sound Systems
  • Wireless Voice & Data
  • Voice Documentation & Collaboration Tools
  • Emergency & Mass Notification Systems

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